Saturday, May 14, 2011

5-Minute T-Shirt Skirt

Still have t-shirts left over from college and nothing to do with them? Here's a quick and easy skirt idea! All you need is:

- A t-shirt (bigger sizes are best)
- scissors
- ribbon or shoe lace
- safety pin

Here we go! First lay your t-shirt flat.
Cut straight across just under the sleeve line. Depending on the size of the design on the back, you may or may not have it showing when your skirt is done.
Next, cut a tiny slit through ONE SIDE of the bottom hem.
Now take a safety pin and attach to the end of your shoe lace or ribbon. Then, start feeding it through the hem.
Once you've gone around, this is what it will look like. This is what will tighten it to your waist. Just tighten and tie a bow.
And TA-DA! You're done.
Seriously so easy. It might take more than 5 minutes if you've got a toddler and infant distracting you :)

This skirt is super comfy. Now, mind you, it's not a church skirt or a work skirt. This is more of an around the house, day at the pool/beach, play date at the park type skirt.

Another hint, Michael's sometimes has their plain t-shirts on mega sale and they come in a lot of great colors. Like hot pink! Awesome!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Feeling Honored

These are the pictures my sweet husband took and framed for me for Mother's Day.

He has such a creative eye. I love these boys! Hope all you moms felt honored too!


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