Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For Ruby

My Mother in law and I partnered together to make this diaper bag and accessories for my sister in law Alinna and coming soon niece Ruby. Sharon made the diaper bag and the small bag and I made all the other stuff. Paci-clips were tricky because I had to sew together small strips of fabric to make it look like ribbon. We used the same pattern that we used to make Isaac's diaper bag. The bibs are alittle different. One has vinly and binding (this is the one that came with the pattern) and the other has a towel backing. I got this pattern from a book.
I love how, though they are the same pattern, they're both so different for a boy and a girl, and the fabric we both chose completely describe our styles and personalities.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Magnets Part 2

Well, I tried using scrapbook paper and like how they turned out too! I used some old wedding magnets that I had left over Cut it in half and found some paper: and turned them into this:
Now the pictures on my fridge can be accented with pretty magnets too!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Old Magnets, New Magnets

I got this idea from my Family Circle magazine. Take an advertising magnet and turn it into a personalized picture magnet. Here's how: find a picture and a magnetTrace the outline of the magnet and cut the picture just a little bigger than the outline. Use spray adhesive to glue the picture onto the magnet. Also, I did it outside on the deck to not get sticky spray everywhere.The instructions on the glue said to let it set for and hour. The glue worked really well and here are my finished products.

I also had the idea to take some pretty scrapbook paper or cardstock to make supercute magnets for the fridge. I'll post pics of that later once I try it out.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Luke's T-shirt Blanket

I have finished Luke's T-shirt blanket. It was really hard sewing this huge blanket with my little sewing machine on my little card table but it was quite exciting too.Each T-shirt square has an interfacing backing to stiffen it up. On the back is a navy blue t-shirt material that Luke picked out but it would be cozy with flannel or fleece as well. I also made this other blanket for myself about 5 years ago but it's alittle different and it's more of a throw blanket. I made small patches to make each t-shirt go longer. This is a good method if you don't have many t-shirts and want to make a bigger throw. The negatives to this type is that it takes significantly longer to cut all the patches out and sew them together. Also, you miss the meaning of the t-shirts by not having the logos. I don't really remember what each t-shirt was but trust that each one had a significant meaning to me. I really hope this blanket has a long history in our family.


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