Thursday, January 28, 2010


I had these coasters that I found at the Target dollar spot many years ago. they were the glass kind that you slide in pictures and had a nice white border. Well, Luke hated them. Even more so when we had Isaac. He just knew Isaac was gonna cut his finger off with one of them :) I actually started not liking them after a while. The condensation just ran right off them them (defeating the purpose of the coaster) and cups always stuck to them then came crashing down. Too much drama. So they've just stayed stored away. Then my brain started working on how repurpose these.

I took off the photo pocket and scraped ( i mean seriously scraped) the white border off until I had a nice clean, clear glass square. I had seven of them. And this is what I ended up with!
I love it. Luke wasn't too sure about it, but when I was all done and they were displayed, he loved them.

It was pretty easy, once you got past the scraping. Of course, if you have floating frames or other plane glass panels, you won't have to go through the scraping. Then I picked a word and a simple design. I don't have a stencil maker so I picked easy fonts and design I knew I would be cutting them by hand. I printed it on card stock and cut away.
My initial plan was to glue the letter to the back of the glass, but, the mod podge showed badly and very messily on the front of the letters, so I just glued to the front of the glass. Uh, so fun. Except, I centered the "a" instead of putting it low to like up with the other letters, but you can't tell too badly.

Next hurdle, how to keep them standing. I walked the aisles of the Dollar Tree looking for something that would work. I found some cord clips. 16 for a dollar, not bad. I spray painted them black. When it was time to slide the glass panel in, I noticed that it wasn't completely sturdy and could very easily lean. So I just added a bit of hot glue for stability, and voila:It stands!! These were so easy and so fun. I was done in one day and I love love love what it adds to our living room! And total cost of the project.....$1! I had everything on hand except the cord clips. Which made Luke love it even more!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sorry for the break...

but don't you worry. I've been crafting like crazy and I love them all. I'll try to start putting them up MAYBE today but probably tomorrow.

Stay Tuned....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

For Next Year

Great Target find!! Originally would have cost me $20 for all these ornaments. How much did I pay?...........$2! They were 90% off. Man, I wanted to buy more and more, but #1)don't have the space and #2) didn't have any great ideas for more.

What am I making with these ornaments? Why an ornament wreath of course!!! I've had my eyes on these for years but just never wanted to spend the cash to buy one or even make one. Even ornaments at the dollar tree and begin to add up when you've gotten as many as you need. But, 25 cents for one just can't beat that!

So, Christmas next year I'll have an ornament wreath on my door. Or maybe my window........

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Goodwill Treasure

I found this amazing, oh so cute, little kid's table at goodwill the other day. The price...a whopping $5!! I'm excited for little Isaac boy to use it. I'm not too crazy about the colors so I definitely have my brain turning and turning about what I could do to it to make it Isaac-y. Unfortunately, because of my love for polka dots, that's all I ever go to. I'm trying to avoid polka dots in order to stretch my creativity more.

I would love any ideas that you all have!!


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