Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Candles

Here are some candles I made a few falls ago. I didn't make the ACTUAL candles, but did do the decorating.The candles I got at the dollar tree and the leaves I got...outside of course. I made these before I made the amazing Mod Podge discovery, so I just used some tacky glue. It worked great and a few years later, they are still glued on and looking great. I did light the wick for a few minutes so they looked used, but I haven't ever actually just let them burn. they just look too pretty and that way, I can keep using them year after year!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


So sorry for the delay in posts. It has taken longer than I thought to get settled and certainly to get crafting again.

But please stay tuned....I've got my fall decorating started and will post pics soon.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Crafting Break

Well, next weekend is the big move into our first house!!!!! We're about 70% done with our packing so......

My hubby has put his foot down and said no more crafting until after we get all moved in. In fact, I have to pack everything away tomorrow. I hope I can make it that long. :) So I'm guessing it'll be about a week before I update my blog. Don't tell Luke but I'm leaving a pair of knitting needles and some yarn out hidden in case my withdrawal gets really bad ;)

I can't wait to get in there!!! Just for fun, here's a picture of our new home.
P.S. That's not our car.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Simplest Craft

My 6 year old niece, Zhayla, made this for me. Now I know what you're thinking....big deal, it's just some puff balls and paper. You're right! But it speaks so much love to me. Why? Zhayla knows how much I love polka dots. (are you seeing it yet?) She came running up to me so excited to give me her craft saying, "I made this for you, it's polka dots!!"I seriously almost teared up, as I'm doing even now. My heart was overflowing as I thought of Zhayla thinking to herself, "Titi's (that's what they call me) coming this weekend and I really want to make her something. Hmmm...what should I make? I KNOW!!" It's these gifts that mean the absolute most to me. She specifically thought of me and what I love and as she made it, I'm sure she was thinking, Titi's going to love this! And I did!

Now I know this sounds so self- centered, but it's not. It's humbling. This is the mentality I try to have with every gift I give and with every craft I make. What does that person love? What does that person want? It's not whether or not it costs $1 or $100. It's not whether or not it came from Pottery Barn or Goodwill. So with gifts for me or gifts from me, it really is the heart that counts!

Zhayla's craft for me really is Something Wonderful.

Stay Tuned....

To see what becomes of these two items:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Craft Club and Glass Etching!

Last Thursday, I attended my very first Craft Club. It was so fun and fulfilling. Not only because we did crafts, but because I got to spend a night away from home, by myself, with some awesome ladies! The craft this month was glass etching. Here's how my baking pan turned out. Now whenever I take a meal to someone, there will be no wondering who it belongs to! For a complete tutorial on how to etch your own glass, visit this link over at Create Studio.

Thanks Sarah for a great time!


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