Friday, November 11, 2011

The Dynamic Duo

Isaac decided long ago that he wanted to be Batman for Halloween and that Simon would be Robin. Then hubby decided that he wanted classic blue and gray Batman as opposed to all black Batman. My wheels started turning. I love making their Halloween costumes but these might be too lofty. Then hubby found these costumes online. They were too expensive so I used them as a pattern to look at. Here's how they turned out.

Here's the internet image....
and here's what I made. The mask moved as we tried to take pictures.

Here's Robin...
and my little Robin.
I'm really happy with out they turned out. It was a labor of love!

Isaac also decided what he wanted mami and daddy to be. Lucky for him, we already had the costumes made from years ago! We're HUGE fans!
Justice League forever!!!

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