Sunday, May 20, 2012

Into Dresses

I never really used to be a dress wearer. I was more of a skirt girl. Mostly because I didn't like the way I looked in dresses. But then, I changed my mind. I found a few dresses that were really nice and now it seems that's all I want to wear. However, dresses are pretty pricey. So I went the "make my own" route. Equally hard. Until I found an amazing and super easy pattern. And best of all, it was on sale for $.99! WooHoo!!! So here are 3 dresses I've made from that pattern.
This one was exciting. The top portion is a remnant I found a while ago but didn't know how to use it. The bottom part was also a remnant that was on super sale. Altogether, this dress was about $3!

This one was slightly modified. Instead of sewing the upper portion, I just used an old white long sleeve shirt. I cut the bottom half off, shortened the sleeves, and changed the neckline. The green part was also a remnant. With the leftover bottom half of the shirt, I made pockets for the dress. This in all cost about $5 to make.

This fabric was not a remnant. But I had bought it with a coupon months ago and just never used it. This dress is also sleeveless but I like it better with a little cardi.
HERE is the McCall's pattern that I used. I made some modifications:

  • I didn't use the skirt pieces that it gave, I just measured my own hips :) 
  • Also, the neckline on the bodice was a little lower than I like so I cut it about 1 and 1/2 inches higher on the gray dress than the brown dress.
  • For the bodice, instead of ironing and sewing a small seam on the neck and sleeves (curves are so hard) I cut two pieces for the front, and two for the back. I sewed them right sides together on the neck and sleeves and turned them inside out. This gave a much neater seam and also added an extra layer. The material I used was pretty thin. 
The material has to be a stretch fabric only like jersey which is a pretty tricky material to work with. The pattern says it only takes an hour, but honesty, your first time will take a lot longer. Plus, if you're sewing machine goes on the fritz, it will take you all day! grrr. HA!

Happy Dress Making!!!


Leah Katharyn said...

go ahead girl. that is some serious sewing!!! love it :)

Heidi said...

Very cute! Ive been thinking about making some maternity dresses for the summer/fall! Thanks for the inspiration!

David & Amy Bunge said...

You're so crafty, Rockie! I love how creative you are. I have "inherited" my grandmother's sewing machine and hope to start some basic projects soon. I might be seeking your help. Btw, you look so pretty in all the dresses you created.


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