Saturday, May 23, 2009

Luke's T-shirt Blanket

I have finished Luke's T-shirt blanket. It was really hard sewing this huge blanket with my little sewing machine on my little card table but it was quite exciting too.Each T-shirt square has an interfacing backing to stiffen it up. On the back is a navy blue t-shirt material that Luke picked out but it would be cozy with flannel or fleece as well. I also made this other blanket for myself about 5 years ago but it's alittle different and it's more of a throw blanket. I made small patches to make each t-shirt go longer. This is a good method if you don't have many t-shirts and want to make a bigger throw. The negatives to this type is that it takes significantly longer to cut all the patches out and sew them together. Also, you miss the meaning of the t-shirts by not having the logos. I don't really remember what each t-shirt was but trust that each one had a significant meaning to me. I really hope this blanket has a long history in our family.

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Heidi and Evan said...

looks great!! I just got a sewing machine so we will have to get together sometime and make some fun stuff!!


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