Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For Ruby

My Mother in law and I partnered together to make this diaper bag and accessories for my sister in law Alinna and coming soon niece Ruby. Sharon made the diaper bag and the small bag and I made all the other stuff. Paci-clips were tricky because I had to sew together small strips of fabric to make it look like ribbon. We used the same pattern that we used to make Isaac's diaper bag. The bibs are alittle different. One has vinly and binding (this is the one that came with the pattern) and the other has a towel backing. I got this pattern from a book.
I love how, though they are the same pattern, they're both so different for a boy and a girl, and the fabric we both chose completely describe our styles and personalities.


Anonymous said...

How did she make that bag? I've been wanting to make a diaper bag for a while, but don't know where to start.

The Mehaffie's said...

It's a Simplicity pattern # 2924

Heidi and Evan said...

where did you get your bib pattern? I think that might be the next thing I try. Love what you made for your niece, very cute!!

Heidi and Evan said...

ps-what do you use for the back of your burp cloths and bibs?

The Bryant Family said...

Oh my word. You guys are so talented! I wish I could do that. I thought I'd make a ton of things for our coming daughter. I made one tag blanket and 3 VERY SIMPLE receiving blankets. They turned out only OK and I had no patience for them. Sad. I will not be making much more :)
Rachel Bryant


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