Friday, August 14, 2009

Homemade Magnet Alphabet

Birthday parties are fun!!! Here's what I made for Vivian who's having her 2 year old party today: Fabric covered alphabet magnets.
I printed out the alphabet, taped in onto some old magnet thank you's I had, and cut the letter out. I have a knife pictured here but found that scissors actually worked better. The knife worked for letters like O, and D to cut out the middle.

I bought this Fabric sample book at the SCRAP EXCHANGE for $3 and this was the perfect project to use it for.

Use spray adhesive to glue the RIGHT side of the letters to the WRONG side of the fabric. After is dries, cut the letters out again.
I used some seam glue to make sure the fabric didn't fray. Oh, and I also cut two of each vowel, and an extra V so she could at least make her name. You can also use nice scrap book paper instead of faric. This project from start to finish took me about 1 1/2 of Isaac's naps (about 3ish hours). I hope she likes them.


David & Amy Bunge said...

You're so creative, Rockie. I love reading about and seeing all your projects.

raleighowens said...

Vivian LOVES LOVES LOVES her alphabet! She's playing with them right now! And it's great that they're a "kitchen" toy--she has something to keep her occupied while I'm cooking.
THANK YOU! It really was so so sweet of you to make them for her!

Lila's Mom said...

I will be borrowing this idea when my friend's son turns 1. His name is Isaac too! Thanks for the great ideas. Although I don't sew, I do like to be crafty and this is right up my alley! I'm on the search for a coupon to buy the magnets though...
Anyway, thanks! (I went to high school with Luke).


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