Friday, August 21, 2009

New Shoes for Isaac

This project I first saw at Homemade By Jill but the actual project comes from Stardust Shoes. She has a whole pattern that you can print out at home. So, because I had so much fabric left over, and because I'm a little obsessive about matching things, I made these shoes for Isaac!
This was also a really easy to make. I actually made them for my own personal therapy because my husband had to work late and Isaac had an exceptionally difficult evening. So I put him down a little early, pulled out my sewing machine, turned on my instrumental tracks playlist, and started sewing away. I was able to get them finished that night and Isaac wore them to a family dinner the next evening! Very fun! My husband liked them so much he asked if Icould figure out how to make some for him. Maybe.....

** I did have to modify the pattern slightly to make the shoes bigger for Isaac. The pattern is for 0-6months***

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David & Amy Bunge said...

Wow, these are awesome, Rockie. I just might request a pair for our little one down the road. I hope I remember.


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