Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Craft Club and Glass Etching!

Last Thursday, I attended my very first Craft Club. It was so fun and fulfilling. Not only because we did crafts, but because I got to spend a night away from home, by myself, with some awesome ladies! The craft this month was glass etching. Here's how my baking pan turned out. Now whenever I take a meal to someone, there will be no wondering who it belongs to! For a complete tutorial on how to etch your own glass, visit this link over at Create Studio.

Thanks Sarah for a great time!


Sarah said...

Rockie, I love the design at the bottom too! Your dish turned out awesome! So glad you joined us.


New Every Morning said...

I love this idea!
Headed over to sarah's blog to check it out

One Life Many Journeys said...

Etcing your casserole dish is my favorite way to keep up with your dish. Very nice. I wish I had a craft club to go to. Lucky you!


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