Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Here's some fabric letter that I made for The Boy! That's what we call my son Isaac. He's turning 1 tomorrow! I can't believe it! They weren't too hard to make, just really time consuming. I used a variety of fabrics that I already had that had a blue focus to them. I also bought a yard of this batting and just sandwiched them, then sewed on top. So the edges are raw but I think it's fine. My goal is that they'll get a nice fluffy fray look after I throw them in the wash. Oh I hope he likes them.


R+G Stewart said...

rockie, just came across your art blog! i didn't know you loved to create! look forward to seeing more of your projects. Grant and I just bought a house, so now I feel like we have a place and room for projects. check out my blog if you have time. it is more about antiques and furniture, but i hope to post more design projects there.


this blessed nest said...

cute letters!

happy bday to "THE BOY"!!!

one year old. so sweet. time just flies by. enjoy it all.

happy weekend.


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