Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Goodwill Treasure

I found this amazing, oh so cute, little kid's table at goodwill the other day. The price...a whopping $5!! I'm excited for little Isaac boy to use it. I'm not too crazy about the colors so I definitely have my brain turning and turning about what I could do to it to make it Isaac-y. Unfortunately, because of my love for polka dots, that's all I ever go to. I'm trying to avoid polka dots in order to stretch my creativity more.

I would love any ideas that you all have!!


Anonymous said...

when i found my yard sale kids table and chairs i painted the top of the table with chalkboard paint...and then freaked out because i didn't want the boys to learn to write on a table. cute - but i could have just painted it black. missed i. at church on sunday. i had no one to squeeze in my class!
- sarah

Anonymous said...

You could mod page a bunch of family photos on the top, or just stuff he likes- trucks trains etc.

You could also cover with a cool fabric, and then paint coordinating color.

Last you could have him help you paint the top with blue one day, let dry, red the next, let dry, whatever, so you get a fun abstract with primary( or whatever ) colors.


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