Wednesday, January 6, 2010

For Next Year

Great Target find!! Originally would have cost me $20 for all these ornaments. How much did I pay?...........$2! They were 90% off. Man, I wanted to buy more and more, but #1)don't have the space and #2) didn't have any great ideas for more.

What am I making with these ornaments? Why an ornament wreath of course!!! I've had my eyes on these for years but just never wanted to spend the cash to buy one or even make one. Even ornaments at the dollar tree and begin to add up when you've gotten as many as you need. But, 25 cents for one just can't beat that!

So, Christmas next year I'll have an ornament wreath on my door. Or maybe my window........


Andrea and Grant said...

Awesome find! A trip to Target may be in my future!

Drew and Leslie Echerd said...

I made an ornament wreath one year and I spent the whole Christmas season re-gluing the balls on. They kept falling off every day! Hopefully you'll be better at this project than I was! :-)


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