Thursday, March 25, 2010

Paper Mache Easter Egg Wreath

I started this wreath about 3 or 4 weeks ago. And boy was it tedious. I've always wanted an egg wreath but they are so expensive! I had a really great time making it and Luke was really great about taking over other house things to help me finish it. He also put up with the mess I left everywhere while I worked on it :) Okay here we go!

1. Paper Mache` your eggs. I used a flour and water mixture as the glue. Dip the strips one by one and stick them to the eggs. I used plastic eggs. This took some time to do and the eggs needed a good 24 hours to completely dry. Looking back, I could've skipped this step, but it gave the eggs a nice texture and guaranteed the paint wouldn't scratch off. (If you like the color your plastic eggs are, then just skip right down to the gluing step.)

2. Paint the eggs and the foam wreath form. I painted the wreath form because I was certain the eggs would leave gaps and I didn't want to see that yucky green color through it. I also used some pretty easter colors. I the paint I used was the basic acrylic paint, nothing fancy.

3. When everything is dry, start hot gluing the eggs to the wreath. I didn't go around the whole wreath, just the "front". That is, I laid the wreath flat on the table and only glued the top. This also assures that the wreath will lay flat on the door. ** My foam circle (which I also got at the dollar tree) was about 10in. wide and I used exactly 32 eggs. The eggs at the dollar tree came in packages of 16.

4. Tie a ribbon around the wreath. Measure how far you want it to hang down from the wreath hanger then tie a nice bow.

5. Stand back and look at you creation! It wasn't the easiest craft, but I'm really REALLY happy with how it turned out. I often tell Luke how excited I get when something I make looks like how it looked in my head, and this was one of those things!

Happy Easter!!


Leslie said...

I think your wreath is FABULOUS!! I need one to go on my door just like it! It really turned out adorable!

wayside wanderer said...

I really like this. It is the perfect Easter wreath - simple, soft, and very pretty.

Mrs. SE said...

This wreath is awesome! I love it!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for a wonderful idea. I love the egg wreaths but I really don't like the cheap look that the eggs have but don't want to spend the money on a specialty place for better looking eggs. I have am hosting a girls night this week and we are making these. Thanks! the-polka-dot-umbrella

Jennifer said...

When I get mine done I would love to feature this!

polkadotumbrella said...

This is Jen again from The Polka Dot Umbrella. I am featuring this wreath at next week and it will be on our blog on April 5th. Thanks for a great idea!

Rachel@AllFreeHolidayCrafts said...

Hi Rockie! I love this idea and just linked to it from my site:

Please let me know if it's okay to link to your projects like this in the future.


Marti @ Sew-Licious Home Decor said...

So adorable!! I would love for you to share this at our HOPPITY EASTER Craft Party!!

Just follow the link....

xoxo, Marti


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