Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monkey Mobile

Continuing on the monkey theme in our nursery, I needed to revamp our mobile to match the theme. This was a little hard because, as you can see, the mobile was quite cute. I just loved the cutie little farm animals, but you just can't make farm animals and monkeys go together. So here's the make-over: I almost didn't tackle this project becuase it seemed way to daunting to cut and sew little monkeys. But a trip to Target and the $1 section reinvigorated me. Here's what I found:

One monkey paci holder:
And two pairs of monkey baby booties.
Total cost $3!!

Step one, remove monkey heads from the booties: SNIP SNIP
As you can see, the back is not too pretty. So I took some brown fabric and hand sewed in around the opening. Very easy but also time consuming. Here's a close-up.
I did the same thing with the Paci holder.

Next, I attatched them to the mobile. Please forgive me for not taking pictures during this time.

First I cut the farm animals off at the top that connects with the mobile. I really had to take a deep breath so as not to feel deep feeling of regret.

Next, I hot glued a thin piece of green ribbon, one end to the middle of the monkey head, and the other to the mobile
And that's it. I got it done in one nap time! I hope baby boy likes it. Only about 19 days to go!


daniel, alinna, and ruby. said...

19 days!! i can't believe that. the mobile looks great. excited for tomorrow!

Sandy M. said...

This turned out so cute! I did something like this when Gretchen had her first, because I wanted something different on the mobile that would go with the bedding I was making for her. It's fun to have something "original" that's also inexpensive!

Sarah said...

Adorable Rockie! I love this idea.


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