Monday, July 12, 2010

Nursery Revamp and a New Technique

We are 8 weeks away from Baby #2 coming and we are in GO mode. Isaac's in his big boy bed and our whole upstairs is in transition. YAY!

When I was pregnant with Isaac, we intentionally planned the nursery to be as gender neutral as possible so that everything could be used for all our children.This is still true but I really wanted a revamp. And I just couldn't stop thinking about MONKEYS!!!! I found this set up at Babies R Us but the wall decals were $20!! I just couldn't justify spending that much on stickers basically. So here's what I did: I pasted fabric monkeys and polka dots (of course) on the walls using a new technique of mixing cornstarch with water . It's safe for the paint and walls and they are removable. Here are two websites I used to find out more about this technique:

Sugar Bee and How About Orange

If you can believe it, I still had a lot of fabric that we used for Isaac's crib set. So I looked for a cute monkey template online (which was alot harder than I thought it would be) and started cutting away. The cutting is what always takes the longest. Here is a close up of the monkeys and dots. I really like the way it turned and I went from $20 to ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

The only thing is, the possibilities are oh so endless and I might have to control myself to not paste fabric over EVERY WALL in the house!!!

So excited to meet our little monkey!


Andrea and Grant said...

So cute! You always do such a great job! I'm impressed with the cornstarch mixture too.

amcneely said...

I love green, polka dots, and monkeys. This gets 5 stars! I've seen the cornstarch idea and think it's great. I'm glad to know that it wasn't too difficult.

Life in Rehab said...

That's adorable! I love the idea, and you know I love free, so I'm doubly impressed!

Ms Muffin said...

Are you feaking kidding me?! This is AWESOME! Seriously! And it is really removeable and won't damage the walls? Oh my ... somebody will have to tie me down or something! I will be redoing our whole apartment! No kidding! I have never heard of this method before. I would have loved to add some fun stuff to our walls but as we live in a rented apartment I was always scared of all the work it would bring once we move out again ... But with your method I could do ANYTHING!
I love those monkeys! And the polkadots! So easy yet cute!
Will have to think now of desings I wanna do ... :-)
(I am stalking you now so if you share other great ideas I won't miss them!)


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