Monday, November 15, 2010

30 Minute Mini-Notebook

The motivation for this project came from an upcoming parenting conference. I was really looking forward to it. I wanted to mini-notebook to take notes in that would be set apart from all my other journals. I knew that the info I would receive I would be coming back to over and over again through the years and didn't want to lose it. So I got to work and it really took me about 30 minutes.

So here we go:

I grabbed 3 sheets of plain computer paper and cut it in half. The number of sheets and type of paper is very flexible here.
Then, I found some nice card stock scrapbook paper and cut it to the same measurement of my white paper. Fold both of those in half.
Next, poke your holes. I used one of those tiny screwdrivers and it worked great for me. They do have a tool out there that is specifically for this purpose. This may work better if you decide to have more paper. Oh yeah, use some paper clips to make sure your paper stays aligned as you poke through. I made three little holes.
I decided to use some thin twine that I've had in my craft box for years to string my notrebook together. Now stick with me as I describe the threading process. Take the end and thread it through the outer hole from the outside of the book in. Do the same with the other end. Make sure after you thread them through that they are the same length. Then take the two ends and thread them both through the middle hole (one at a time may be easier). I hope this picture helps.
Then tie a cute little bow and double knot it really tightly
And you're done! So easy and quick.

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