Thursday, April 19, 2012

Halter Top Bathing Suit Transformation

We're going on a beach trip this weekend! Woohoo! And I scored this bathing suit top at the end of last season for $5! Awesome! However, halter top is all the rage and you can't find a nice looking regular strap suit anywhere. And being a little more well endowed, shall we say, a halter top is a pain in the neck....literally. So my brain started working. Can I turn this halter top into and over-the-shoulder strap suit? YES!!

First to Joann's. I found these metal bathing suit hooks. Sorry I didn't take a picture of the package. They're in the aisle with all the other hooks and brackets. At this point my brain is still working trying to figure out if this will work.
First, sew a small piece of ribbon about 2 inches ad folded in half onto the back of the suit. I zig-zag stitched numerous times back and forth for more security. Of course it's preferable to have a color that coordinates with the suit but I amazingly didn't have black.

I didn't have pictures of the next step. Thread the strap through the loop of the hook. Have someone help you pull the straps to where it's most comfortable and supporting in the front. Loop the end back towards the top and sew the end to the strap again using a continuous zig-zag stitch. I know that sound confusing but you'll get it once it's in front of you. 

And this is what you get. I would have modeled it for you I like it a lot better and it's so much more comfy.
By the way, the metal hook was only $1.50! woohoo!


Pam said...

Sounds like you have it all worked out....good for you. Have fun and soak up some sun for me.

Anonymous said...

I am big busted and I Like the Halter style swimsuits and clothing. Check out this site and you may want to keep your suits!
I bought a clear one and have used it for over a year.... It is AWESOME for Neck Pain and it gives me a bit of boob lift too!

Cindy G said...

I searched and searched and finally found your blog post. I bought a swimsuit top with halter straps, and like you, I am not getting the support I need. But I love the suit. I cannot wait to have my friend transform my suit. Thank you for this post!

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