Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fitted Bed Sheet Skirt

What!? Bed sheet?!? Skirt?!? 

YES! I have seen so many awesome maxi skirts around. They're so different than just regular long skirts. And I want one.  However, I'm a pretty cheap person and $18-$25 is a bit much for me for a single skirt. Jersey knit fabric to make would end up costing me just as much. So I decided to visit my local Goodwill. I found a gray fitted sheet and a pink flat sheet, both jersey knit. I paid $4.25! So here's my first skirt! 

Here we go!
First cut the corners of the fitted sheet so it lays flat. (sorry I didn't get a picture of this)  It's a lot easier to work with.  Next, fold the sheet in half lengthwise. Grab a skirt that you really love and lay it over the sheet.
Make sure the top of the skirt lies where the elastic of the sheet is. This will be your waist line. WooHoo for no extra sewing and not messing with elastic! I have to insert here: My husband was reading the bed as I began, and it was his idea to use the elastic to my advantage. Go hubby! 

 Then, cut all around giving your self about a 1/2 inch for sewing. More on the bottom so you have flexibility on the length. Too long is better than too short! 

Then, all you have to sew are the two sides. And that's it! You'll be at our machine for no more than 10 minutes! And you're done!
The great thing about this fabric is that you don't have to finish the bottom. There are some imperfections here and there, but nothing too noticeable. That's another great thing about this fabric! From start to end, it was 25 minutes to make, after my lovely tornadoes went to bed, of course :)

I've worn this skirt all day and it is oh so comfy! Stay tuned for the long pink maxi skirt. Even if it flops, I'll still post it for critical purposes. HA!


Colleen said...

LOVE the fitted bedsheet skirt idea!! I may have to do it myself!

Daisy Rogers said...

Very impressive idea, no one can think to make a skirt from fitted bed sheets to girls skirts. I do have many of unused fitted sheets and will make some skirts for me according to your ideas.
Thanks for the share!!!


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