Friday, June 22, 2012

Take Me Home, Country Road

My little Simon is totally into cars lately. And everything is a road, the carpet, the wall, my head, the dog, anything. Then I had one of those " I could MAKE something" type of moments. And in one day, this is what I got. 
I made a little road!
Even Finn McMissile is taking a drive on the country road! 

I used a piece of denim that I had in my fabric box. Hubby got into this one and helped draw the road. It's awesome how creative he is and helpful when it's something for his sons!
Then, I mixed some textile medium with some black paint and started painting the road.

After the black paint dried, I cut the tip off of a sponge brush and used it to stamp the white median.
Again, I used textile medium with the white paint. Using the medium allows the mat to be washed without the paint being washed off. 

For some extras, I added the little pond, some bushes and a few trees. If you're really creative and artsy, you can make a city road with cars and buildings. 
And you're done! 

See the blur? It's because he's racing his car around.

Here's little brother enjoying it. Today we got out the cows and bears and had a blast!
The final step that I have yet to do, is to put a red bias tape binding around for a nicer look. Another great thing is that you can just roll it up to store it away. I'm very excited about this ad the play that my boys will have with it. Hopefully together and not fighting :)


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