Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Banner

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Here is the Easter Banner I made for my family. I used an egg outline I found on line and cut out as follows,

-2 big eggs of Easter fabric per letter
-1 big egg of fusible interfacing per letter
-2 small eggs of simple white fabric (my white fabric was pretty see through which is why I layered it, but the layering is optional)

After everything is cut, begin the following:

1. Iron on interfacing to one of the big eggs per letter
2. Design your phrase on the computer and print out mirrored image onto transfer paper.
3. Iron on image/letters onto the small white egg (follow manufacturers instructions)

Then the sewing begins:
1. On the big egg with the interfacing, sew on the two small white eggs, making sure your image is on the top. (I just sewed right on, not worrying to much about straight lines, it was messy cute)
2. Sew this big egg to the big egg, wrong sides together. (again...messy cute, see pic for close up).

Here's what the finished egg will look like:Measure out the amount of ribbon depending on how you want it to drape. My phrase was really long which is why I decided to go with two drapes. I used simple half inch white satin ribbon.

Position eggs on ribbon to determine spacing and start hot gluing them on. And that's it. Not too hard just time consuming with the cutting (I hate cutting) and the sewing.

My hubby and I decided that for next year, we'll wait and pull the banner out on Easter morning to give our children the visual that something special has happened that day!

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