Tuesday, April 13, 2010

March Craft Club

This month I hosted our craft club put on by Sarah at CREATE. This month we tried our hand at freezer paper stencils. So easy and so fun!

The benefits of freezer paper are:
  1. You can get it pretty cheap at walmart
  2. You can iron the freezer paper directly onto your fabric to minimize seeping.
  3. The paper peels right off with no left behind residue.
  4. You can feed it through your printer and print your design directly on the printer.
To paint on fabric you'll need
  1. regular acrylic paint
  2. textile medium
It really was easy. Here's Sarah painting a little onesie for her little one coming in September.
Here's the onesie I painted before I peeled off the paper. I made a bird just in case I was having a girl. But now that I know I'm having a boy, it will probably be given to someone.

Here are my finished products. I also made initialed pillow cases for Luke and I. I'm a sucker for monogrammed stuff!

Here's a trick we discovered: Iron on the freezer paper to the front and the back of whatever you're painting. This gives your fabric stability and prevents the paint leaking and sticking.

Have fun stenciling!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Oh Rockie you're well ahead of me girl, I'm going to be posting about that fun night really soon! I am totally obsessed with freezer paper stenciling now! It's the best, thanks for introducing me!
-Sarah :)


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