Monday, May 3, 2010

Beach Retreat & Craft Time

Every year, during the last weekend of April, we go to the beach with our Life Class (another name for our Sunday School class). It is always such a blast and we just love the long weekend away staying in a house right on the beach.

This year, we added some craft time for the ladies! Yipee!! you know I was excited. We decided to stencil some beach bags with some freezer paper. It was alot of fun. Here's a picture of us getting started.
Some of the other ladies decided not to do the bag, but to bring their own incomplete project and sit and just have some girl time. Here's what Leslie's bag looked like when it was all done. I love freezer paper. If I had a Cricut, I would stencil everything in my house! Well, maybe not, but you get the idea.

Just for fun, here's some pictures of my family. And here's me and the boy (and baby brother)Oh, the weekend went by way too fast and I already can't wait until next year. And I walked away with an awesome boat bag.

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