Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Time Napkins using Freezer Paper

I found these plain white waffle cloths at Target for 50 cents each a few months ago! Woo! They were long so I cut them in half to make 12 dinner napkins. That's only 25 cents each. Can't beat that.

They've been sitting there as I thought and thought on how to creatively and functionally spruce them up. As I was looking in my Better Homes and Gardens magazine, I found what I wanted to do. And this is what turned out.
I'm very happy with them. I used strips of freezer paper to make the lines. If you look closely, they have their imperfections but I really like them. Here's my outdoor set-up. We recently put in a stone patio in the backyard and purchased our outdoor dining set so of course I was so super excited to buy the plates and cups. And I hope you're all proud of me: I walked past all the polka dot stuff I saw to stretch my creativity. Coincidentally, the plates and cups are Better Homes and Gardens brand at Wal-mart.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out. Happy Summer Cook-Outs!


Anonymous said...

love it! and love the plates!!! happy summer! said...

These are so simple but so cool! And what a bargain! The look great with the plates you chose.

Thanks for sharing ... I've posted a link. In fact, I've posted a number of links. You've been busy and I can't keep up! I would love if you would come visit and say "hi," and maybe add a few links of your own.


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