Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two More Projects off the Checklist

I forgot to take pictures of my own projects before I gave them away, so here are the links and the pictures of the blogs where I got the ideas. **Note for emphasis: these are not my pictures***

Project #1:
Easy Fabric Grocery Bags @ Geta's Quilting Studio

I've made about 4 of these bags already. They are so easy and they make great gifts. I made one for a friend who's going overseas that she can take to the market.

Project #2
Ruffle Onesie Dress @ Sumo's Sweet Stuff
I made a dress like this for a friend who just had a baby girl. Of course, I used PINK POLKA DOT material! This was also fairly easy to make once you got the hang of it. Though it took a little longer than I thought.

So though I don't have my own pictures, I'm thankful for these two creative ladies for sharing their awesome ideas!

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