Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Presents

Here's a picture of my boys with the present and card made my Isaac (and mami). Isaac is saying cheese, though he hasn't learned to smile while he says it :)This whole thing was so much fun. The card is pretty self-explanatory. Keeping his attention on it was the hardest part really.

The frame, I have to admit was not my idea. I got it from another blog during mother's day. I used foam board and a knife to make the letters. Knowing the letters would only be used this one time, I wasn't overly concerned with super clean edges and things. Here are the close-ups of the pictures I used.

What a cutey! Didn't intend on diaper only pictures, but dad was gonna be home any minute (because I procrastinated) and I didn't have time to dress him. Plus I ran the risk of putting him in a bad mood.

Here are some secrets: I took 166 pictures in order to get these three! He was a busy body! And, he didn't want to hold the "D" the right way so both of those pics had to be mirrored.

The picture frame I actually found at the Dollar Tree. Isn't that great?!? I was so sure finding the frame would be the hardest part and was relieved when I found it so quickly.

So Happy Father's Day to all those dads. I hope your kids (and wives) were extra crafty for you!

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Kari said...

I love the mirror image trick with the "D" pictures. I'll have to remember that. This came out so cute, by the way!


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