Tuesday, June 15, 2010

For Baby Lucas

Some friends just had their first boy after 2 girls. I truly truly love making stuff like this. It is joy in my heart. So here's what I made for him.

And applique personalized burp cloth:
Neck tie and bow tie onesies. LOVE IT!!
We're all friends from East Carolina so here's the front of his ECU onesie using a freezer paper stencil:
And here's the back. 03 because he's the third baby.
Mom and Dad were really happy and excited to put this on him. And Mom said she would take pics of him wearing them, so hopefully I'll have one to put up soon.

Welcome to the world baby Lucas!!


Amy Williams said...

Seriously, the neck-tie and bow-tie onesies are probably some of the cuteste onesies I have ever seen - so creative!!!

KillerB said...

Oh my gosh-- SO CUTE!

I love those onesies so much, Rockie. Well done. How creative to put the #3 on the back like a jersey :)


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