Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fabric Rosette Pins and a Visit with a Friend

My dear friend Sarah has been having some complications with her pregnancy and has been hospital bound for a little bit now. She was in major craft withdrawal so I went for a visit to give her a quick fix :) I needed a project that was fairly easy, didn't take too long, and didn't require a sewing machine. This is hard because Sarah and I both are very attached to our machines! So I searched and searched and found this tutorial at Little Lizard King. We had both been looking for how to make these rosettes so I was really excited to find the tutorial.

It was so much fun just talking and crafting away. Here's how her flower turned out. I took these pics with my phone because I forgot the camera, which is why they're not that great. Sorry about that. Let's all keep Sarah and little baby boy in our thoughts and prayers.

These rosettes are so super easy that I just couldn't stop. We had a friend over for dinner that night and I thought, why not have craft time with her as well?!?! So we did.
She's actually pregnant (due next week) as well so the most comfortable place for us both was on the floor! So, in 2 days, I made three rosettes! That's how easy and quick they are to make. I have currently "misplaced" the one I made in the hospital with Sarah so here are some pics of the other two I made. They are so cute and so versatile. I'm so glad I found this tutorial!!! I'm off to make another one!


amcneely said...

Snap a little hairbow on that, and they'd be cute little gifts for nieces or girl baby showers :)

Sarah said...

Thanks again Rockie for the Craft Therapy! I'm going to work on a couple more pins today!
You're the best!


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